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84% of consumers said they would choose this over a traditional mortgage with the same rate.*

Stand out from the competition with an innovative mortgage product that helps community banks and credit unions compete on more than ratesBoth Kasasa mortgages are designed to help you attract more borrowers and build deeper relationships with them — creating cross-sell opportunities for years to come and helping to position you as their primary financial institution. 

The interactive dashboard keeps your institution top-of-mind for borrowers.

The Take-Back Mortgage offers them peace of mind... and loan-generating benefits for you.

automatic future loan demand

Automatic future loan demand

Borrowers can pay ahead on their loan and access that additional money if they need it. For the Take-Back Mortgage, the borrower can access their Take-Back® in the form of a secondary personal loan.

improved loan experience

Improved second loan experience

The Take-Back functions as a built-in loan that is already approved as part of the mortgage process — ready for use when the borrower requests it with the same minimum monthly payment on their original loan. No need for them to re-apply or provide support documentation.

flexible product design

Flexible product design

When a borrower requests a Take-Back, you control the term, rate, and loan amount so you can limit risk. You can also choose to offer the Dashboard Mortgage, which features our interactive control panel for maximum transparency without the Take-Back option.

Offer a mortgage product that makes every relationship count.

Attract more borrowers and engage with them throughout the life of their mortgage.