Compliance Best Practices: Post Your Cycle Dates on Your Website

On May 22, 2019, and again on June 13, 2019, we sent emails to all of our clients encouraging everyone to post their Monthly Qualification Cycle and Statement Cycle dates on their websites. We’ve made it simple to complete this task. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be done in less than 20 minutes. 

Go to FIRSTBase: Sign in to your FIRSTBase® portal.

Click on the Marketing Disclaimer link: Click on the RegGen™ Marketing Disclaimer link to be connected to our Marketing Disclaimer Welcome Page.

Enter your institution name: Enter the name of your financial institution in the “search” field in the upper-right corner.

Answer 10 set-up questions

  1. Is your institution a bank or a credit union?  
  2. Are your offerings Kasasa branded?  
  3. Would you like to reserve the right to address account holders who intentionally misuse the account?  
  4. Does your institution compound interest on a daily basis or on a monthly basis?   
  5. Does your institution use daily balance or average daily balance to calculate interest on your qualifying accounts?    
  6. Does your institution use daily balance or average daily balance to calculate interest on your non-qualifying accounts?   
  7. When does interest begin to accrue within your accounts?    
  8. How does your institution define your Monthly Qualification Cycle?   
  9. What methodology does your institution use to reimburse ATM withdrawal fees?  
  10. When does your institution credit interest to your accounts?  
  11. When does your institution credit non-interest rewards (i.e. cash back) to your accounts?  

Once you complete the set-up and confirm your answers, our tool will save and apply your answers to all of your account holder disclosures and marketing disclaimers.

Click on the Download Cycle Date Document link: Click on the Download Cycle Date Document link, and RegGen will generate and download a Microsoft Word document to your computer. 

Verify all dates: Verify, correct any date discrepancies.

Posting to your website

    • FIRSTBranch Clients: If you are a FIRSTBranch® client, please do the following:
      • Save approved cycle date file with your institution readily identified. Upon review and verification of your cycle dates, please save the file to reflect (a) cycle dates, (b) your institution's initials, (C) your headquarter city and state, e.g. First State Bank, Austin, TX, would be “Cycle Dates_FSBAustinTX.”
      • Email attached file to Kasasa: Email your saved file to and copy your Client Success Manager on the email. The subject line of your email should be “Cycle Date Documents_FSBAustinTX."
      • Confirmation notification: We expect to post your cycle dates to the navigation bar of your FIRSTBranch site within 3–5 business days. We will send you a confirmation email once your dates are posted to your website.


    • Non-FIRSTBranch Clients: Coordinate with your website provider to post your approved dates. We recommend you name the link on your website “Kasasa Cycle Dates” and place the link in the navigation bar on your website for easy access by your account holders. 


Thank you in advance for adopting this compliance best practice within your institution.


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