Kasasa CEO Gabe Krajicek on developing a long-lasting company culture

We’re often asked how our unique company culture became what it is today. (After all, how many companies pay employees if they get a tattoo of the organization’s core values?)

Recently, our CEO Gabe Krajicek went on the “For You Leaders” podcast to talk about just that.

Gabe chatted with hosts Kirk Dando and Chip Hanna about the early stages of Kasasa’s culture and where we are now. The transcripts were too substantial to fit into one blog, so we’ve broken it down into three posts for you. Read each one to learn how our culture drives our business.

Part One: From time-teller to clockmaker: Developing a company culture that lasts 

Six months after Gabe left his first role as CEO, that company’s culture disappeared. He realized he was the entire culture and vowed to not let that happen in his next role at Kasasa. Hear how he learned from past mistakes to operationalize a culture with lasting power.

Part Two: Engaging your employees to create a powerful company culture 

As Kasasa expanded, the company culture experienced some growing pains. In part two, Gabe addresses how he overcame those obstacles by learning to rely on others.

Part Three: Infusing your company’s values into the culture  

In the final installment, Gabe details Kasasa’s four Patch values (Interdependence, Five Star Leadership, Love, and Badassitude) and how they drive what employees do each day.

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