Marketing Is a Puzzle. Do You Have All the Pieces?

Picture working on a puzzle only to find that you’re missing several pieces. You might upturn couch cushions, search through kitchen drawers, take Spot in for an X-ray. Because you know that without those pieces, the puzzle will never be solved. 

Marketing is no different. To market effectively, you have to cover all your bases. Even one missing piece leaves an incomplete picture for consumers — and puts your growth at risk.

Hitting every consumer touchpoint

Think about a consumer’s journey through the sales cycle. It’s not a one-stop shop, is it? According to The Financial Brand, “It’s increasingly rare that consumers shop for a product or service using a single channel.” From your product offering to your website to an interaction with your frontline staff, every single touchpoint can either push a consumer towards being an account holder — or push them to walk away from your brand and never look back. 

Let’s take a look at one example of a consumer journey:

A consumer sees your ad while scrolling through Facebook on her phone. Impressed by the ad’s sophisticated design and intrigued by the clever copy, she clicks to learn more. She’s taken to your website where she’s stopped in her tracks. The design of the site doesn’t match what she saw in the ad; it isn’t mobile responsive (remember, she found your ad on her phone), and she can’t figure out how to open the account. She closes out of the site, vowing to never be fooled by an ad again.

In the example above, a social media ad puzzle piece was in place. But without a website that maintained the consumer’s positive experience, the puzzle couldn’t be completed and the sale was lost.

Let’s try this again:

A consumer receives an email about an event in his community for your institution. He doesn’t bank with you but has seen your branches around town and remembers your logo. He’s got a pretty busy weekend, so he deletes the email. While driving down the street, he sees balloons with your logo and decides to stop. He has a positive interaction at the event with a member of your team who enthusiastically tells him about a reward checking product. He’s intrigued — but not yet ready to open an account. He goes home and checks out your well-designed, UX-optimized website, where he finds out he can open the account right there from his computer. He goes for it and happily becomes a brand new account holder.

De-risking growth objectives

For Kasasa marketing clients, we offer a tool that drives deposit and account growth by maximizing consumer data, advertising with award-winning creative, and offering reporting and continual optimization. All of this works with the rest of the marketing puzzle pieces — powerful products, an optimal website experience, and frontline staff training that turns tellers into experts. 

When our clients have reinvested their current marketing budgets in Kasasa marketing, they have seen a 20-50% lift (sometimes even more!) in monthly account openings in the first year. With marketing recommendations that provide a greater volume of interest, Kasasa can help clients de-risk their growth goals and improve the consumer experience from end-to-end.

Here’s what we guarantee from your spend on Kasasa marketing:

Maximize ROI

With Kasasa’s attribution models and reporting dashboard, you can communicate the return on your marketing investment with confidence. We offer a 60-90% account holder attribution match.

Increase marketing effectiveness

We’ll run best-in-class marketing programs across all channels by leveraging our modeling and optimizations from more than 800 clients. This offers a 2-5X better performance over single-channel marketing. (After all, consumers use 10+ different kinds of media channels in a single day. Don’t you want to reach them everywhere they are?)

Stop wasting budget

Through predictive analytics, we help you stop wasting dollars targeting consumers who will never click “Open Now.” Our proprietary segmentation model finds potential account holders who are up to 3X more likely to open an account.

The Kasasa marketing program is a tool that will drive your marketing spend further, but it isn’t the whole story. In order for any of your marketing efforts to be successful long-term, every piece of the marketing puzzle needs to be in place.


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