The Top 14 Speakers In FinTech, Marketing, And Innovation

Imagine our industry had its own “music festival” (or if that metaphor is too Millennial, imagine a really big conference). One where we got the biggest names in FinTech, marketing, and innovation together to share their knowledge. Well, if that happened, these 14 speakers would be the headliners.

When you go to an industry event, you want to get your money’s worth. There can be can be a lot of talks to choose from with dozens of speaker bios to read. We made this list to help you narrow down which people to invest your time and money in. If they’re coming to a conference near you, don’t miss it.


Best Speakers In FinTech


best speakers in fintech

Jim Marous

As the co-publisher of The Financial Brand, Jim is known as one of the world’s top financial services experts. His talks are always inspirational, insightful, and actionable. Check out some of his past presentations on his YouTube channel.

John Waupsh

Kasasa’s Chief Innovation Officer is known for his straight-talk style that comes from hands-on industry experience. At Kasasa, he’s been an integral part of developing cutting-edge solutions and strategies that empower community banks and credit unions to compete in the new FinTech landscape.

Sebastien Meunier

Sebastian is consistently ranked as one of the top ten FinTech influencers. He’s an expert in business transformation, meaning changing your culture, mindset, and management strategies.

Theodora Lau

Theodora (or, just Theo) is an innovator and technologist who focuses on consumer well being and health. She has been named LinkedIn's Top Voice for Economy and Finance in 2017, top female fintech influencer, and top digital transformation and AI influencer by Onalytica.


Best Speaker In Marketing


best speakers in marketing

Chad Pollitt

Chad’s content marketing expertise makes him an in-demand speaker. He has over 16 years of experience creating profitable online campaigns for top brands. His content marketing insights can help you attract more consumers with valuable content they want to engage with.

Andrew Davis

Andrew is a two-time bestselling author and top-ranked keynote speaker in the world of marketing. He's also been named the 2nd most influential content marker in the world. He speaks on topics ranging from customer loyalty to how brands attract and inspire consumers. You can get a great feel for his work through his YouTube channel.

Heidi Cohen

As the creator of the Actionable Marketing Guide, Heidi makes sure her audience leaves her sessions armed with tactics they can actually apply at work. With over 20 years of marketing experience, her talks will help you find a way to solve your institution's toughest challenges.

Jay Acunzo

When Jay speaks, he tells “emotional tales of people and teams doing their best work that help inspire others to push past conventional thinking in theirs.” He teaches businesses how to find the best solution for them rather than going by industry “best practices.” He combines humor and expertise to help companies get results.

Talia Wolf

Talia helps businesses understand their audiences better. She teaches how you can drive more conversions by developing and optimizing experiences that make people actually want to convert.


Speakers On Innovation


best speakers in innovation

Jason Dorsey

Jason is an expert in Millennials and Gen Z. He can tell you how to create experiences for these younger consumers who shop differently than previous generations.

Joanna Coles

The New York Times recently called Joanna “one of the most powerful people in media.” As the former Chief Content Officer at Hearst, Joanna knows content and brand development. Her sessions often focus on relationships. How can you build and maintain good relationships with your colleagues and consumers?

Byron Reese

Byron helps business leaders understand the implications of emerging technologies and their impacts on business, media, and society. Both a futurist and optimist, Byron believes we are approaching the Fourth Age for humanity that promises to be infinitely better than anything we have seen before.

Nancy Giordano

Nancy is a strategic futurist with a drive to help enterprise organizations and visionary leaders transform to meet the escalating expectations ahead. She has spent the past nine years as Founder/CEO of Play Big Inc., a strategic inspiration company with an active consulting portfolio of more than $50B worth of experience across some of the largest global corporations and select non-profits. She was ranked as one of the World’s Top Female Futurists, and was voted 7th on the Woman of Influence – Future of Leadership.

Lisa Bodell

As the founder and CEO of futurethink, Lisa “enables organizations to kill complexity, create space for innovation, and get to the work that matters.” She delivers high-energy presentations and inspires her audiences to innovate on a daily basis.

Is there anyone else we should add to this list? If you’ve seen a great speaker at a conference recently, let us know!

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