Expiring 2017 Kasasa Media

IMPORTANT: A portion of Kasasa commercials will be expiring and must be pulled from local buys in your market. For any Kasasa-managed media schedules, please work with your Client Marketing Manager to replace your creative.


The radio spots in the chart below are expiring December 31, 2017. Listen to available radio for 2018 here

Spot Name Length Product
Return My Checking Account :30 and :60 Cash
Cashback on Tuesday :60 Cashback
I am a Customer :60 Generic
Nearby ATM Music :60 Generic
Treated Like a Number :60 Generic
Game Show :60 Generic
Walk Off With Kasasa :60 Generic
The Skeptic :60 Tunes
Future Mike :60 Saver
Refund on ATM Fees :60 Cash
Kasasa Cashback :60 Cashback
Kasasa Cash :60 Cash
No Minimum Balance :60 Generic
This is the Sound :60 Cash


The TV and pre-roll spots below are expiring January 31, 2018.  Click to listen to available TV and pre-roll for 2018. There will be complimentary TV spot tagging for your replacement spots. Please work with your Client Marketing Manager to coordinate. 


Spot Name Length
TV Spot – No Surprises :30
TV Spot – Make You Dance :30
TV Spot – Participation Trophy SWITCH :30



Why do TV and radio spots expire?

The majority of national media requires paid licensing to use the music, footage, and likeness of the talent.  When spots expire, these spots have reached the end of their agreed term to be used.

How do I know ahead of time when a spot expires?

The spots viewable on YouTube and on Connect have the expiration dates in the description.

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