How to increase the performance of your front line with Builder

To succeed in the world of community financial institutions, it’s not enough to hold on to account holders — you have to bring new account holders in the door. And while online account opening has made “in the door” more of an expression, it’s still quite applicable.

A vast majority of consumers still prefer to open their accounts in person. That means your frontline staff has to be ready to tell them about your products and help them find the account that works best for them.

The stakes are high: if a potential member or customer walks out without finding what they need, they won’t be back. Being nice isn’t enough to bring in new business; you have to show them why your products are a good fit for their needs. And what should your frontline staff say at that moment? Will they hand over a brochure and hope for the best? Or will they just suggest your free account (if you have one) and neglect your other (potentially more profitable) products?

It’s very hard to ensure a consistent, positive consumer experience — after all, your staff members are human, and every interaction feels different.

Builder helps your service reps talk about your products in a clear, simple way.

Kasasa Builder sales conversation tool for frontline staff

To help your front line and other employees better articulate the value of your Kasasa accounts and the other products you offer, we created Builder. It’s an interactive tool that empowers the consumer to choose the best Kasasa account for their lifestyle and preferences and offers other services they might want to bundle with it. All of this happens in one short, seamless conversation.

When using Builder, your team guides consumers through the account opening conversation with all the warmth and professionalism that your institution is known for. You can also use Builder to facilitate the conversation in several other ways.

Keep sales conversations focused.

Builder helps simplify the process, giving prospective account holders all the information they need about each product, so they can make their decision...and nothing more.

Communicate consistently.

With Builder, no matter who’s on the floor (or what kind of day they’re having), the consumer will get the same experience. No one has to memorize a lot of information, the language on the tool is crafted by people who know the product best, and know exactly how to talk about it.

Let the consumer drive the conversation.

Builder isn’t just for your staff; the consumer can interact with it as well to build their own account. Since the account opening experience is driven by the new account holder, the consumer feels the satisfaction of creating a personalized account package.

Provide useful information about other products.

It’s understandable that your team might feel resistant to “selling more products.” Builder shows your additional products in a way that’s informative and clear, not pushy. Instead of cross-selling, it offers them options, so they can quickly choose additional products as a natural part of the account opening process.

More cross-sells means more products...and more profit.

Our partner institutions have told us they like Builder because it generates a definitive rise in non-interest income. For example, when included as an add-on within Builder, Kasasa Protect™, our brand of premium ID fraud prevention, enjoys an impressive 20% attach rate and brings in an average of $4 per user per month in non-interest income.*

If you’re looking to bring in more accounts and more non-interest income, Builder is a great way for your community bank or credit union to do it. It can make your service reps — and your new account holders — very happy campers!


*Results on average. Kasasa analytics, 2015. Based on an average consumer price of $8.

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