PiggyBot to End in June: A Farewell and Thank You

Over the years, the PiggyBot® program has taught children about financial concepts and helped parents organize allowance and chores.

PiggyBot was developed to increase financial literacy. At Kasasa, we will always be passionate about developing products that help both financial institutions and the communities your serve. However, we’ve made the difficult decision to end the PiggyBot program in June 2019.

Here's what you need to know about PiggyBot being retired.

There are 2 simple action items if you offer PiggyBot.

We recommend that you take the following steps to notify your staff and community.

  1. Tell your staff about the program’s ending.
  2. Remove any promotional marketing (such as brochures and posters) from your branches and your website.
    • If you have a FIRSTBranch® site, we’ll work with you to find a date to remove the product from the website.

What happens after June?

The PiggyBot app will be removed from the App Store, and Kasasa will send users a notification announcing its removal and end of app support. If users have PiggyBot on their mobile phones after June 30, 2019, the app will remain on their devices. However, as time passes and further software updates are deployed, the app may experience bugs and/or become unusable.

Thanks for your support.

From all of us at Kasasa, thank you for using PiggyBot to educate your community over the years. We appreciate your understanding as we move toward the next chapter. If you have any questions, please reach out to your primary Kasasa representative.

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