Introducing RegGen: Your New Favorite Compliance Tool

Say hello to RegGen, Kasasa's new compliance-made-easy generator. With this new compliance tool, your team will be able to create account holder disclosures and marketing disclaimers in minutes.


Quickly Generate the Right Compliance Language


RegGen takes the complexity and hassle out of creating account holder disclosures and marketing disclaimers for your Kasasa retail products and marketing campaigns. Account holder disclosures are the agreements that govern your Kasasa checking and savings accounts, and marketing disclaimers represent the "fine print" required in your marketing materials. Now, rather than taking hours to write and edit your disclosures and disclaimers, with just a few keystrokes you can create and customize required regulatory language across all of your products and promotional materials.


But First, a Message from Your Friendly Regulators


Regulators have made it very clear: Community financial institutions can’t “outsource” compliance responsibilities to a third party. Ultimately, the responsibility for adhering to all appropriate regulatory requirements resides within your institution.

The information generated by our new RegGen tool should be considered responsible guidance, but should not be used as a substitute for consultation and guidance from your Compliance Officer, outside consultant, or legal counsel.


Here’s How the Compliance Tool Works


Okay, back to what makes RegGen special. RegGen enables you to create compliance language in 4 simple steps:

Access your FIRSTBase portal. Using your FIRSTBase credentials, you can download our new Reference Manual and view our step-by-step instructional videos to get to know the RegGen capabilities.

Complete 11 setup questions. Answer a few simple set-up questions that will be stored and automatically incorporated into your disclosures and disclaimers.

Create account holder disclosures. Simply answer two questions, confirm to download the MS Word document that is created, and edit the text to match your institution's product designs and operational processes.

RegGen Account Disclosures

Generate marketing disclaimers. Answer 10 questions about the type of media you're using, the marketing message, and the product you are promoting, then download and edit in the MS Word file created.

RegGen Marketing Disclaimers


Welcome to the new generation of compliance tools. RegGen is compliance at your fingertips - and you are going to love it!

Reach out to your primary Kasasa contact if you have any questions about RegGen.

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