Using Penetration Tests to Keep Your Data Safe

Breaking something is the best way to learn how to make it stronger. As a community financial institution, you are sitting on a mountain of digital data. Penetration testing, a.k.a. "pen testing" or ethical hacking, is one of the best ways to keep that data safe.

If the recent breach at Capital One® is any indication, it’s as important as ever for financial institutions to be vigilant in their testing. Continuous internal testing, such as pen tests, could have potentially prevented 106 million of Capital One customers’ personal information from being compromised.

By evaluating the security of your systems through a simulated cyberattack, you can assess and repair vulnerabilities. Pen tests are a proactive and critical way to ensure your data is protected.

A message for Kasasa clients: New process for pen testing

Kasasa understands the importance of independent network and application penetration tests. We openly welcome and embrace a “Bring Your Own Tester” (BYOT) approach. 

In an effort to streamline and expedite the pen test process, we are transitioning the process from our Vendor Management team directly to our Security team. This means faster response times for your inquiries and findings. Going forward, please re-route your messages from to

Ready to perform a pen test?

If you are a Kasasa client, please reach out to for the newest penetration test authorization form.

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