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Connecting community financial institutions with today’s consumer.

The consumer landscape has changed. People expect more from the organizations they do business with — including their financial institution.


Kasasa is a data-driven technology company that offers a suite of innovative products, marketing, and other tools that drive growth for community institutions through deeper relationships and stronger consumer engagement. Watch: 

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Empowering community banks and credit unions is our passion.

Kasasa is an award-winning financial technology and marketing services company that provides reward checking accounts consumers love, the first ever loan with Take-Backs, and ongoing expert consulting services to community financial institutions. 


In 2003, a small group of Kasasa's founders set up shop in an old school building in Taylor, Texas. Their mission: to develop, market, and consult on software products for community banks in Central Texas. Their original REWARDChecking® account would play a pivotal role in the future of the company. 


The founders soon discovered that community financial institutions needed more than just products to overcome their challenges — so they added marketing and extensive resources to support Kasasa's rewards platform.

Together, we can Take Back Banking™.

Today, Kasasa provides the community banking industry with world-class marketing, dedicated resources, and innovative products. These products include Kasasa reward accounts, our free checking product suite, which delivers controlled growth through new accounts, non-interest income, increased profitability, and long-term retention. We’ve also developed the award-winning Kasasa Loan®the only loan that lets borrowers pay extra to get ahead...and take back any extra if they need it. 


With our innovative products, a national consumer brand, and comprehensive solutions and support, we help local banks and credit unions compete for their rightful share of the market against even the largest banks. Together, we can Take Back Banking. 

Behind the tech are real people fighting for you.

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We are Kasasa.

More than 400 employees strong and counting. Driven by a philosophy rarely seen in the corporate world. With Patch Values of Interdependence, Badassitude, Five-Star Leadership, and Love, we stay true to our mission: to enable a powerful network of community financial institutions to re-establish themselves as the go-to place for banking products and services.