What is Kasasa?

  • A New Way to Bank That Puts You First

    ka • sa • sa (kah-sah-suh)

    Are you tired of being treated like a number? Are you sick of waiting on hold to speak to a real person? Are you ready for free accounts that make the most of your money and give you something back?

    You couldn't have picked a better place to start!

    Kasasa is a national brand of free checking and savings accounts with rewards you actually want, like really high rates, cash back, digital downloads, donations to causes you care about, and money to help you save. Plus, we've created money management tools that help you take complete control of your financial life.

    It's a movement for change that's sweeping the nation and gaining momentum every day. This video interview with our CEO, Gabe Krajicek does a great job of explaining the philosophy behind Kasasa.

    Kasasa is already changing lives. With payouts that put you first and automatic savings solutions, our free accounts put millions of dollars back in consumers' pockets. But they also make the world a better place to live. Because of Kasasa, more people can help support a cure for cancer, more kids have a place to be GREAT and more neglected animals can get the help they need.

    Our CEO, Gabe Krajicek, explains why Kasasa was created, why you should be valued for keeping your money with a bank or credit union, and what Kasasa can do to make this country even greater.

  • Why We Partner With ONLY Community Banks and Credit Unions

    Accounts that benefit you the most and personal service you deserve. Kasasa accounts and money management tools are developed with you in mind, so we couldn't let just any financial institution offer them. Community banks and credit unions are in a class by themselves. When you combine their personal service with the Kasasa accounts that fit you best, it truly is a winning equation.

    Our providers believe in creating financial well-being in their communities and treating their account holders like real people. They understand that you should be rewarded for trusting them to hold your money, which makes them the perfect partners for Kasasa.

    Kasasa providers work hard every day to make sure you benefit the most from your banking experience. By offering Kasasa accounts and the personal service you won't find anywhere else, our partners put you first, which is why Kasasa was created in the first place.

    Read more about our passionate support of community banks and credit unions.

    Defining A Community Bank

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  • Anywhere, Anytime Banking

    We know convenience is important, like being able to access your money anywhere, anytime. We also know that not everyone wants to visit their bank or credit union to manage their finances.

    That's why Kasasa accounts can be opened and managed without ever visiting a branch. You can bank from your computer, while helping American communities grow stronger and receiving something of value.

    If you have any questions for your bank or credit union once you are set up, give them a call and actually speak with a real human being! Leave the automated recordings behind and get the banking experience you deserve.

    All Kasasa providers offer online account opening, online banking, and nationwide ATM fee refunds so you can use any ATM across the country and get reimbursed as part of your rewards. So there's no need for us to brag about a network of "thousands of ATMs" when you can use any ATM you want! You can also feel secure knowing that the FDIC, NCUA, or ASI insure all Kasasa accounts.

    It's time to stop settling for an account that wasn't built for you, and time to enjoy the benefits of banking with one of the many Kasasa providers across the country.

  • The Company Behind Kasasa

    BancVue was formed for two main reasons: to help community financial institutions win the war against the megabanks, and to provide you with the accounts and personal service you deserve.

    By partnering with local providers, BancVue helps financially support the communities they serve. That's because the money you keep with a community institution gets loaned out to local consumers and small businesses. So by using Kasasa accounts and services, you're actually helping the overall economy. It's a win, win, win, and that's what the BancVue mission is really all about.

    Do you Kasasa?

  • Free Checking Accounts + Refunds On ATM Fees
  • Free Savings Account
  • Money Management
  • Kasasa Cash®

    Cash in on really high rates that put you in control.

  • Kasasa Cash Back®

    Get cash back on everyday debit purchases.

  • Kasasa Giving®

    Get money to keep and more to donate.

  • Kasasa Tunes®

    Get digital downloads every month.

  • Kasasa Saver®

    Automatically earn more to help you save.

  • Kasasa 360®

    Know where all your money goes in just one touch.