Free checking that earns high rates!

Kasasa Cash is more than a free checking account. It's high rates and awesome rewards. Line your pockets with monthly payouts, on top of free checking and no minimum balance required to earn the rewards.

We'll also pay back your ATM fees nationwide. So no worries if your newfound good fortune takes you across the country. Kasasa has you covered from coast to coast.

Kasasa Cash
  • Get paid for every penny!

    How high are "high rates"?

    So high that Kasasa Cash rates make the national average look — well, average. And that's only if your checking account pays you anything at all.

    Cash in on rates you'd expect from a CD, not a checking account. And you still get free checking with no monthly service fee, a free debit card, free online banking, and no minimum balance.

  • Big rewards. Even on small balances.

    Free or fee. You make the call.

    Kasasa Cash is free, always free, with no monthly service fee, no matter your balance. Stack cash high or just scrape by, Kasasa Cash rewards you either way.

    $5,587.* That's how much you need to avoid monthly service fees on interest-bearing accounts — the ones that aren't Kasasa, that is. The Kasasa minimum balance to earn high rates? $0. Simple math, simple decision.

    * Bankrate Survey, 2011

  • Take back your ATM fees.

    Roam free at any ATM, coast to coast.

    Don't let ATM fees poke a one-way hole in your wallet. Withdraw cash worry-free at any ATM, nationwide. And your hard-earned bucks land right back where they belong — in your Kasasa account, every time you qualify.

    Kasasa returns your cash to its rightful owner. After all, it's your money. You shouldn't pay a price just to use it.

    And remember, it's not just refunds on your ATM fees. It's free checking that pays high rates with no minimum balance required to earn the rewards.

  • Easy, penalty-free qualifications.

    Save time, earn rewards — win-win!

    Do your banking with simple, time-saving tools and we'll reward you. Qualify for our highest rates and nationwide ATM fee refunds each month when you do easy things, like:

    • Use your debit card for purchases
    • Be enrolled and log into online banking
    • Be enrolled and agree to receive e-statement notice
    • Make an automatic payment

    There's never a penalty fee if you come up short on Kasasa Cash qualifications, and you still earn a base rate. Plus, get right back to earning your full Kasasa Cash rewards the very next month!

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