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Boost account acquisition.

Driving account holder growth is easier when you can offer premium benefits that consumers want; Kasasa reward accounts make that possible while also being profitable.

Reward checking products designed to make and save you money.
We offer three distinct reward types: cash back, high yield, and online purchase reimbursements, plus an account enhancement to automatically boost savings.


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Our suite of checking and savings products

Consumers hate fees! In fact, 93% of Millennials say no-fees banking is important when choosing an institution.* But they LOVE that Kasasa accounts have no minimum balance or monthly maintenance fees and offer refunds on ATM withdrawal fees. Below you can learn about the different product types.


Kasasa Cash®: Grow low-cost core deposits

Kasasa Cash offers an eye-catching yield on balances and incentivizes account holders to engage in profitable behaviors. These core deposits allow you to reduce reliance on expensive funding sources with lower-cost transactional accounts.

Kasasa Cash Back®: Attract more, younger consumers

Consumers request cash back more than any other reward and Kasasa Cash Back lets them earn cash back on debit card purchases. This reward attracts consumers who are on average 13 years younger and swipe 2X more often than standard free checking.* (Hello, interchange revenue!)

Kasasa Saver®: Increase products per household

The perfect complement to Kasasa Cash or Cash Back, Kasasa Saver helps account holders automate their savings by sweeping their monthly rewards into another high-yield account. As the savings stack up, so does their loyalty. This ultra-low-cost funding source increases product penetration.

Kasasa Tunes®: Stand out in your market

The youngest account holders will search for a great account first, and then decide which institution to get it from. Kasasa Tunes gives you the edge with an account that refunds purchases made on iTunes®, Google Play®, and Amazon® when they qualify — increasing loyalty and non-interest income.

Community financial institutions rely on these accounts for two big reasons:


Younger, loyal consumers adopt more profitable behaviors when qualifying for rewards.


Sticky, low-cost core deposits replace conventional high-cost funding sources.

Compared to standard free checking, Kasasa delivers:


lift in acquisition

  • Annual account profit
  • Debit card use

or more:

  • Online banking use
  • E-statement adoption
  • Direct deposit signup

more non-interest income

In a 2016 study, 8 out of 10 Millennials said they would switch institutions for better rewards.* Now you just need to get their attention with something other than plain vanilla free checking.

*2016 The Harris Poll for Kasasa, Ltd.

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