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Introducing the ORB: Optimized, Results Based marketing

The competition for deposits and new account holders is high. To succeed, you have to understand the consumer, their media habits, and keep up with the latest marketing technology.

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We’ve created another industry first in marketing. We call it ORB (Optimized, Results Based) marketing. It’s a turnkey account acquisition program bundling data science, technology, and media costs into one simple solution. We do all the work to reach consumers across social, digital, email, direct mail, and any new channel that gets you the results you need — whatever those goals may be.

Take the uncertainty out of your marketing investment.
Our tested multi-channel programs are proven to drive account acquisition. Ongoing optimization across channels guarantees that you get industry-leading results every single time.

Eliminate the complexity of multi-channel programs.
Kasasa finds the right consumers, schedules multi-channel marketing programs, and continuously refines that program to drive more acquisition. All you have to do is approve the disclaimers.

Elevate your marketing efforts with:


Consumer data and predictive modeling
Our proprietary segmentation model finds potential account holders who are up to 3X more likely to open an account.


Pre-built, attention-getting creative
Leverage our award-winning and consumer-tested creative for every channel.


Compliance made easy
Quickly generate account holder disclosures and disclaimers for every asset with the RegGen compliance tool.


Reporting and optimization
Get ongoing performance reporting and continuous optimization that makes it easy to track your ROI.

Find consumers where they are.

Engage consumers 24/7 across multiple channels with our unique approach. We’ll define the media mix for your audience and goals, based on modeling drawn from 10+ years experience and more than 800 clients.

Your media mix might include:




Social media


Direct mail


Streaming Video


Digital media

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