Survey Results: The State Of The Finance Industry

We recently asked our Kasasa Expert Exchange panelists for their thoughts on the current state of the financial industry, and what strategies they plan to implement moving forward.

Here's The State Of The Finance Industry

The results were too substantial to fit in a single blog post, so we broke it out into a series of three. Read each post for a full analysis of the survey results.

Part I: The biggest barrier to growth.

Compliance and increased regulations are considered the biggest barriers to growth for community financial institutions (CFIs) — as well as the greatest cost. Find out what factors were next in line.

Part II: The biggest opportunity for growth.

Consumer loans take the cake when it comes to anticipated new streams of revenue — and Millennials are the generation everyone’s ready to get into a food fight over. See the full breakdown of most sought-after demographics.

Part III: The feature that has everyone’s attention.

Mobile solutions are rapidly rising in relevance — and have become just as important as in-branch technology. Learn what other technologies have taken a seat at the big kid’s table.

What’s the Kasasa Expert Exchange? 

We’re glad you asked! The Kasasa Expert Exchange is a panel of professionals from our partner community financial institutions who share industry insights by completing short, relevant surveys. 

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