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Innovation wins consumer confidence. And another award.

And the FinTech Breakthrough Award for Best InsurTech Solution goes to…

(cue drumroll)


And the crowd goes wild! Well, actually there wasn’t a crowd, so they didn’t go wild. But we sure did. Why? Because this is Kasasa’s third win in a row in the FinTech Breakthrough Awards’ short five-year history. That means we’re really making a difference in the banking world with innovations that change lives for consumers – and change bottom lines for community financial institutions.


Creating a win-win for both consumers and institutions.

Kasasa Care is a referral program and online marketplace that allows you to serve your community’s needs by offering partner products and services that they value and are open to receiving from their financial institution. The product development, marketing, compliance, and support are included, and institutions reap referral income on every successful marketing transaction, activity, or purchase.

Whether account holders are looking for health, dental, vision, life and pet insurance, Medicare, or asset and identity protection, launching these types of offers can be risky and burdensome to a frontline staff. This referral program solves that problem — everything is online, automated, and even compliance is taken care of. Best of all, the email marketing leverages buyer-propensity models that automatically predict the best referral offers for each consumer, providing a hyper-personalized consumer experience with very little effort.

This breakthrough offering has created a shift in how financial institutions can create new, steady streams of non-interest income, while more importantly helping their communities get access to products and services they need. Which is a major reason we’re so proud to be recognized once again.


Rubbing some serious elbows

What you may not know is that the FinTech Breakthrough Awards are kind of a big deal. In fact, other 2021 FinTech Breakthrough Award winners include Plaid, Mastercard, Global Payments, Google Pay, Fiserv, FIS, Raisin, Quicken, Personal Capital, and Experian. Those are some of the biggest names in the industry. We’re honored to be in such good company, and even prouder to offer industry-proven services that your consumers appreciate seeing from you.

And frankly, we intend to continue this trend of leading-edge thought. After all, the Kasasa tagline “Take Back Banking” isn’t just arm candy for our logo – it drives every decision, every product, and every service we put our name on. It’s what pushes us to find new and innovative ways to help community financial institutions compete at a higher level. To go bigger in their offerings. And to continue to serve their customers and communities with the best of banking.

What's Kasasa

More than just an unusual word: Kasasa is a promise. That promise includes offering life solutions that suit every lifestyle to help you maximize your money. With our recent addition of Kasasa Care, we've partnered with industry leaders across the health, security, and protection industries to provide more convenience to your everyday life, while keeping your bottom line in mind.

We will continue to bring you new and exciting non-deposit based services to help you get the most out of your money. So keep checking back; we're just getting started!