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Episode 6: Creating stronger, more profitable consumer relationships.

Show notes:


Everybody wants loans, and nobody wants deposits… except for the megabanks and neobanks. What do they know that community financial institutions don’t know? In part one of this two-part episode of Thinking Outside the Vault Kasasa’s Chief Research Analyst Patrick Dickson explains what the competition is thinking and how community financial institutions can develop a counter-strategy. It all comes down to cultivating relationships with consumers that can lead to significant growth down the road.


In this episode we discuss:

  • The balance sheet difficulties that most community financial institutions are facing.
  • The conventional solutions that many leaders will turn to in an attempt to rebalance their loan-to-deposit ratios.
  • How the work of growing your institution is akin to planting a forest or an orchard.
  • How megabanks and neobanks are carving up the retail banking space.
  • What you can do to establish relationships with consumers that will lead to future growth.


You can listen to the second part of this conversation here.