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Lending strategies for 2021 and beyond

When your loan-to-deposit ratio is out of whack, so is your growth. These practical recommendations can help you rebalance things in the months ahead.

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How to counter big banks’ growing primary financial institution ...

The importance of becoming a primary financial institution can’t be understated. But the strategy to do so requires a particular ecosystem of products.

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Why did banks wipe out a decade of earnings? And where did it go?

On the face of it, a claim about massive bank losses due to the coronavirus pandemic might sound alarming and believable. The full story is more complex.

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Trend watch: The future state of lending in 2021

What will 2021 look like for community banks and credit union lenders and borrowers? We took a look at 2020 trends to make some predictions.

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Don't stop…Marketin'

You can still boost your bank or credit union by marketing in 2020. There are 4 big reasons why now is the time to double down on marketing investments.

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Why value-added products blog

Margin compression hurts and you need a proven strategy for generating non-interest income. Read our tips for creating stable income and more loyalty.

What's Kasasa

More than just an unusual word: Kasasa is a promise. That promise includes offering life solutions that suit every lifestyle to help you maximize your money. With our recent addition of Kasasa Care, we've partnered with industry leaders across the health, security, and protection industries to provide more convenience to your everyday life, while keeping your bottom line in mind.

We will continue to bring you new and exciting non-deposit based services to help you get the most out of your money. So keep checking back; we're just getting started!